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Advancement in Sustainable Materials for Energy and Environment

(ASMEE 2023)

Currently, the world-wide humanity is passing through globally environment and energy crisis and facing challenges which need a concerted attention by the Governments, International Communities, Academicians, Researches, Industrialist and creative individuals. The International Conference on “Advancement in Sustainable Materials for Energy and Environment (ASMEE 2023)” is organized Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology: Institute of Petrochemicals Technology (CIPET: IPT), Raipur during October 6th & 7th, 2023 in offline mode.

ASMEE-2023 aims to promote scientific information, interchange of research advances and technologies addressing emerging trends and challenges for the generation of new ideas and establish research and/or business links for progressive advances in sustainable material for energy and more importantly environment issues relevant to Sustainability in line with G20 theme. The conference will feature key note invited speakers from renowned academicians/Researchers/Scientists in respective disciplines, contributed oral papers, and poster presentations.

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Thrust Area of the Conference

Functional and Smart polymeric Materials for Green Energy & Sustainable Environment.

Nanomaterials for sustainable energy and environmental remediation

Migration and transformation of materials for sustainable development

Materials for carbon capture, storage and utilization

Nanomaterials for mitigation of water and air pollution

Energy and Carbon Neutrality

New energy materials, such as materials for solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, fuel cell, batteries, super capacitor etc.

Renewable Feedstock

Plastic Waste Management and Circular Economy

Innovative Recycling Strategies

Alternatives to Single use Plastics

Strategies for reliable and sustainable power generation

Emerging Technologies for confronting the environmental impact by power sector & steel Industry

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